Toro is a PHP router for developing RESTful web applications and APIs. It is designed for minimalists who want to get work done.

"Hello, world"

First, create a handler to support the GET requests. Then call serve with an array of routes. That's it.

Routing Basics

Routes are expressed as an associative array. Stubs, such as :number, :string, and :alpha, can be used instead of common regular expressions. Of course, regular expressions are still welcome.

RESTful Handlers

Handlers support all HTTP methods, such as GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. Appending _xhr matches JSON requests. If the _xhr method is not implemented, then the given request method is called.


Toro has a simple callback system called ToroHook. There are five hooks: 404, before_request, after_request, before_handler, and after_handler. Adding a hook pushes the anonymous function into an array. When a hook is fired, all of the functions are called sequentially.
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